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Acupuncture v Dry Needling?

~ Acupuncturists can do dry needling but dry needlers cannot do acupuncture ~

Dry needling is basically doing acupuncture into trigger points (a tight, hard band of muscle fibre). This helps to release and relieve pain in the area. Dry needlers are usually trained in 2-3 days and are taught basic needling techniques. Acupuncturists are usually degree qualified and receive 4-5 years training!

Acupuncturists incorporate various needling techniques, including dry needling. We can combine traditional ways of diagnosing and treating the body with modern evidence based techniques to offer a comprehensive treatment.

Acupuncture Bunbury - degree qualified acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners.
Acupuncturist or Dry Needler? Who is doing your needling?

Is it safe? Acupuncture is considered very safe in the hands of a well trained practitioner, however, there have been reports of injury from having acupuncture, usually from poorly trained practitioners. Australian research shows that those who have undertaken short courses have more than double the rate of adverse effects than those who are fully qualified.

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